The company has the technical and location conditions as well as the production potential to produce welded structures up to 30 tons.

We have technical competences in the field of burning, welding and processing QL fine-grained sheets with a thickness of 6 to 45 mm and MC sheets in the thickness of butt joints from 3 to 12 mm. We develop and introduce into production new welding technologies for thermomechanically processed fine-grained steels of the MC grade, used in the construction, energy and shipbuilding industries.

We manufacture parts and elements mainly based on the documentation provided by the client. We realize not only serial production but also individual orders.

Thermal cutting

We make sheet metal elements for welded structures ourselves. We use plasma and gas cutting. We perform thermal cutting with the use of modern equipment and highly qualified technical personnel who guarantee the highest quality of elements.

We perform thermal cutting with devices:

  • for narrow-beam straight and miter plasma cutting in the range from 0° to 45° with one / two rotating heads, up to a maximum thickness of 30 mm
  • for thermal cutting with the gas method with two heads, up to a maximum thickness of automatic piercing up to 120 mm
  • for thermal cutting with the gas method with the possibility of cutting the shape to a thickness of max. 200 mm and bevelling of previously made elements.
  • for gas cutting (any type of bevel in the angle range from 0° to 60°)

In addition to cutting the shape, we perform all types of bevelling using various methods and metalwork treatment:

  • automatic plasma cutting directly on the machine
  • gas cutting on cutting machines
  • processing on a belt grinder


We perform the process of straightening and bending of elements, guaranteeing high quality of manufacture. We have specialized tooling that is the key to success in shaping sheet metal.

For this purpose, we use press brakes with a pressure of 400 T - bending length 4000 mm and 800 T - bending length 7000 mm, a multi-roller coiler.


Our many years of experience in welding deserves on special attention.

It is possible thanks to the use of modern welding technologies by the ZKS in the field of welding equipment as well as acquiring new welding technologies of various types of steel.

The company is authorized to perform welding works according to the standards EN 1090-2 EXC4, EN 1090-3 EXC4, EN 15085-2 CL1 and the quality requirements for welding EN ISO 3834 extended by the requirements of DVS 1715. The certification body is DVS Hanover. We also have UDT qualifications to produce crane components and repair cranes and overhead cranes.

We offer welding of structural steel in the entire strength range:

  • low carbon steels,
  • high-strength steels S700MC,
  • high-strength steels quenched and tempered S690QL to S1100QL

We use semi-automatic welding methods in protective gas shielding (TIG, MIG, MAG) with solid and flux-cored wires.

We have appropriate equipment that allows us to weld large-size structures in optimal positions in the welding process. We provide inspection of welded joints in the field of penetration, magnetic particle, radiographic and ultrasonic testing.

We employ experienced welders with qualifications according to PN EN ISO 9606-1, PN EN ISO 9606-2.

Mechanical working

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we undertake execution at every stage of production, regardless of whether it is rough machining or precise finishing of details. Our machine park allows us to process small simple details and complex large-size welded structures. Mechanical processing is realized in the following scope:

  • milling
  • turning
  • reaming
  • drilling
  • boring
  • threading

The machine park consists of conventional machine tools such as horizontal, vertical and universal milling machines, table and radial drills, boring and milling machines, universal center lathes, carousel lathes, roller grinders, surface grinders.

We also carry out our orders using numerically controlled CNC machines, such as horizontal drilling and milling centers and gantry drilling and milling machines enabling precise machining of medium-sized and large structures.

We specialize in the processing of materials that require specialized cutting tools. We process fine-grained and durable structural steel such as S690QL, S960QL, S1100QL and 700MC. We can process stainless steel and cast steel. Machining of aluminum alloys is also part of our offer.

We trying to ensure that the mechanical processing in our company is at the highest level. We are expanding our offer successively. To meet the expectations we improve the park machine and apply new production technologies.

Mechanical cleaning

The shot blasting process is perfom using the dry blast cleaning method. There is a possibility of shot blasting sheets, elements, welded assemblies and castings. We use a shot-blasting machine and shot-blasting chambers.


Process of painting is performed in a comprehensive way - from the preparation of a ready structure for painting, through appropriate preparation and selection of materials for painting, painting and drying.

We have a modern degreasing chamber with dimensions of 18000x5000x5000 intended for the implementation of the chemical process of surface preparation, including washing and degreasing. It has been designed to the highest standards and meets environmental protection standards. It is designed to carry out the process in a closed circuit, which allows to reduce waste to a minimum.

The paint shop is equipped with a precise and reliable electronic multi-component material dispenser designed to handle a wide range of solvent-based, water-based and acid-catalyzed materials. From basic to advanced applications, the system offers flexibility and increased efficiency, allowing you to: • precise proportions of the materials used

  • access to information on the most important variables in the process
  • effective solutions for color changes
  • Material usage tracking and reporting functions

For the painting and drying process, we use modern painting and drying booths that enable spray painting of elements with dimensions of 18000x5000x5000 (equipped with pneumatic baskets for painters). They provide us with:

  • modern technology (dust-free, ability to capture paint dust, stabilized painting temperature, increased drying temperature)
  • high production efficiency (independence from external climatic conditions, temperature increase in the drying phase)
  • environmental protection (effective dust capture, the ability to reduce the concentration of solvents, low air pollutant emissions)
  • achieving the most favorable factors having a direct impact on the parameters of the painting process
  • drying speed of elements several times higher than outside the cabin, which significantly shortens the drying time of the varnish coat

Our many years of experience guarantee the high quality of painted surfaces.